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Choosing cremation vs burial is a deeply personal decision, and one that can be especially difficult after the loss of a loved one. Cremation is an irreversible process, where the body of the deceased is placed in a container and taken to an appropriate crematory. However, families can still organize religious services and visitations if desired. At CremationvsBurial, we offer extensive cremation services, ensuring all arrangements – from the decision-making to the actual funeral – reflect the wishes of you and your family.

Cremation as a final disposition choice allows families integrate their wishes to ensure their loved one is laid to rest in the most deserving manner. Do you wish to incorporate religious rites similar to burials or entombment? Do you desire a private service to say goodbye? Or do you prefer to visit the deceased with a closed casket? Cremation does not prevent all of that. In fact, it offers you a wide range of choices, even if you prefer a memorial service with the body absent.

It is important that you decide if you want cremation vs. burial. However, do keep in mind, too, you can also plan a burial even with a cremation. If you choose a burial for your loved one, you will also need to decide if there will be a viewing with the body and if that would be private or public. Arrangements will also have to be made for a cemetery plot.

With ethnic, regional, and religious diversities among us, cremations will increasingly become a final disposition method of choice for many. It not only offers the family flexibility, but is cost-effective, environmentally-friendly, and saves space. At CremationvsBurial, we are always available to offer top quality cremation services in our community, giving your you and your family peace of mind. You can count on us to organize a compassionate, befitting, and honorable funeral process for your loved one – this is a guarantee!

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